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Uni-Fy Release

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System Evolution

unify-20061012 Uni-Fy system is integrated with the support for virtual interfaces. Further bugfix.
unify-20060729 Uni-Fy with new feature about management of IP addresses: implementation of DHCP Relay agent to provide use of external DHCP server.
unify-200604217 Uni-Fy with minor changes and bugfix.
wilmagate-20050617 Last stable version ofWilmaGate system. Starting point for evolution of Uni-Fy.

Specification Document

Version 1.2 Related to unify-20061012 code version with description of the support of virtual interfaces.
Version 1.1 Related to unify-20060729 code version with description of DHCP Relay and new system configurations.
Version 1.0 Initial documentation related to WilmaGate system description.

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