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Uni-Fy Authentication System

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New release of software is available here

The Uni-Fy gate is an Authentication System and Access Gateway designed for usage in of Wireless network (WLAN) and Hot-Spots, also in public environments.

It is intended for authenticating access users in Wireless networks that are based on Open Access Network philosophy: all the users who wants to access a public network resources must be authenticated and authorized. The access infrastructure is neatly separated from the service provider infrastructure, and users are free to connect to their preferred service provider through the access WLAN.

The main features of the system are:

  • support for multiple external authentication providers
  • extensible support for several authentication techniques
  • firewalling
  • accounting

Uni-Fy gate is a software developed in C++ and supports both GNU/Linux and Win32/Cygwin systems. It was born within the Wilma project under the name WilmaGate and is now developed and maintained under the same project as well as the under the MIUR TWELVE PRIN project.

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