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Work Package 2

Service Differentiation at the Network Infrastructure Level

WP2 is organized with a “bottom-up” approach, with three Tasks addressing problems related to different layers. (from authentication and security issues in T21 – to the end-to-end traffic delivery level in T22, up to service and location aware networking level in T23).

T21 - Security and Mutual Authentication Solutions

Task 21 will address the issue of providing a viable, scalable and secure network and business model, where mutual authentication is a key issue. It will explore and demonstrate an open service model which, unlike aggregators (e.g., Boingo), wholesalers (e.g., Cometa Networks), resellers (e.g., iPass, GRIC), and, of course, operator integrated solutions (Telecom Italia, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc), clearly separates the role of the access infrastructure provider from that of the service provider. In order to build a foundation for viable service deployment over 802.11 public infrastructures, specific attention will be dedicated to the analysis of emerging and robust security mechanisms.

T22 - Traffic Characterization and Performance Measurements for Heterogeneous Customers

Task 22 introduces the notion of end-to-end connection (or flow if the service does not require a logical connection) and will address problems related to the mapping of the lower level differentiation techniques on the end-to-end performance. Extensive measurement sessions will be realized i) to provide the characterization of the users’ behaviour and to provide the support for network planning and provisioning activities, and ii) to study the radio access network behaviour during congestion periods. Based on the results of measures, synthetic traffic generators and models will be developed, as well as stochastic representations of the end-to-end traffic flows.

T23 - Quality-Aware and Location-Aware Service Architecture

Task 23 will address issues related to user and service management. The goal is to provide solutions for differentiated service provisioning and enhancements, explore the effectiveness of service localization mechanisms promoted in IETF, and develop middleware components for the support of location-aware services. Specific localization mechanisms will be also investigated and experimented.
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